Portfolio Valuation

Increased regulatory requirements and a renewed focus on independence have encouraged alternative fund managers to seek independent valuations and valuation guidance on their portfolios.

Caliber Advisors has the infrastructure necessary to provide rapid delivery of valuation analyses on large portfolios. Critical to this infrastructure is not only the databases and tools necessary to handle large volumes of information, but the team focus required to execute in this environment.

For our clients that have retained the valuation process in-house, we support them with independent reviews of fair value policies, procedures and results, to provide assurance to investors, fund administrators and accounting managers as well as auditors.

Our Portfolio Valuation services include asset valuations prepared in accordance with FASB ASC 820 Fair — Value Measurements and IAS 39 Financial Instruments — Recognition and Measurement.

Our Portfolio Valuation best practices consulting services include practical guidance regarding the above accounting standards as well as implementation of Private Equity Industry Group Guidelines (PEIGG) and International Private Equity Valuation (IPEV) guidelines.

Asset Valuations include:

  • Debt Instruments – Term Loans, Convertible Loans, FRNs, Revolvers
  • Derivative Instruments – Warrants, Collared Warrants, Puts and Calls
  • Equity Instruments – Preferred, Convertible Preferred, Common and ESOs
  • Loan Guarantees and
  • Other Contingent Obligations