Enhance Strategy and Operations with a Clear Focus on Valuation and Economics

Our practice is focused on implementation and execution and driven by decisions rooted in planning and analysis. Actionable planning and analysis provides strategic insight that allows leaders to make operational decisions and manage their organizations.

Our professionals have proven track records in all critical business areas – finance, marketing, pricing, operations, and manufacturing. We have been involved in dozens of corporate strategy and strategic planning matters, including mergers and acquisitions, activity-based cost decisions and organizational change. Our experience as executives, managers and strategists blended with our valuation and economic expertise allows us to provide our clients with invaluable perspectives on the strategic, operational, and organizational issues that they face every day.

With our expertise in valuation and operations – combined with the resources of our strategic partners, and our client’s existing professionals – we can provide assistance with:

  • Business Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Cost Containment and Profit Enhancement
  • Management and Operational Restructuring
  • Productor Service Development
  • Management Review and Supplementation
  • Technology Review
  • Financial Control and Reporting Review
  • Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

These services allow the presentation of a clear picture of our client’s value proposition, supported by performance, articulated by management, and confirmed by due diligence. The result is a significant enhancement in shareholder value.

“I’ve hired the experts at Caliber numerous times to testify on valuation matters in U.S. Tax Court. With a clear, insightful style that engages the court and credibility that shines through, Caliber staff has the skill, training and experience I need and my clients deserve.”

Michelle Ferreira

Partner, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

“Recently, we considered a merger with a similar entity and required an opinion as to the fairness of the transaction to our stakeholders. The staff at Caliber did a terrific job at navigating the analytical complexities of the requirement and the sensitive political terrain. My hat is off to them for their skill and responsiveness.”

Tom West

CEO - National LambdaRail, Inc.

“Caliber helped my growing biotech company at many critical stages during our evolution. From establishing comprehensive and fair valuation for public company investors to providing mergers and acquisitions advisory services, Caliber was cost effective, professional, and refreshing in their integrity and service quality.”

David Mallery

President – Molecular Profiling Institute (now Caris Dx)

“We use Caliber to measure the fair value of our mezzanine debt investments. Caliber is continually finding ways to expedite their work and shorten the audit review process. They see their task as making my life easier and they have succeeded well.”

Cecilio Rodriguez

Chief Financial Officer – The Comvest Group

“We engaged Caliber to help us with a strategic acquisition. Caliber acted like a true business partner, working closely with our team, as well as with the sellers. In short: the Caliber team handled the entire acquisition exceptionally well and I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a successful and efficiently-run transaction.”

Michael Montemayor

Vice President - National Heat & Power Corporation

“Caliber assisted us in evaluating various liquidation options and alternatives. The Caliber team was highly responsive, very knowledgeable about the process and very shrewd in how they positioned the company and negotiated the terms. They helped us maximize our value as well as meet our strategic objectives.”

Richard Esgate

Founder, Chairman and CFO - EsGil Corporation

“Caliber assisted us in evaluating several strategic options and recommending how to better align our resources to create greater value. I have little doubt that we are now on a path to greater value creation as a result of hiring and listening to the team at Caliber.”

Stephen G. Austin, CPA

Managing Partner - Swenson Advisors, LLP

“We hired Caliber to value our business and another business we considered acquiring. Their team quickly and coherently detailed the strategic and transactional issues as well as the range of financial terms whereby the acquisition would be accretive to our shareholders. The Caliber team was very responsive, knowledgeable and supportive and I highly recommend them.”

Gary Savadove

Board of Directors - Western Forge & Flange