On January 20, 2017, Heather Grove, a Managing Director at Caliber Advisors, joined an esteemed group of presenters at Catalyst 2017. Ms. Grove’s presentation, entitled “Valuation in Acquisitions,” provided:

  • A summary of the state of the 2016 and outlook for the 2017 M&A market;
  • A discussion of the M&A life cycle and the phases where valuation analyses are needed;
  • An overview of valuation theory and methodologies;
  • A case study which applied common valuation methodologies in a stand-alone valuation of a hypothetical target company, which included an example of frequently required adjustments to EBITDA; and
  • A discussion of key inputs of a proforma and accretion / dilution analysis.

Catalyst is an M&A accelerator created by Dignitas, a go-to advisor for growth-oriented founder and family-run businesses. To learn more about the program, please visit: http://www.mydignitas.com/catalyst

To view Ms. Grove’s bio, please visit: https://caliberadvisors.com/personnel/heather-grove/