Value Enhancement

With our expertise in Transaction Advisory, Fair Value, and Portfolio Valuation Services, we enhance strategy and operations with a clear focus on valuation and economics.

Our practice is focused on implementation and execution and driven by decisions rooted in planning and analysis. Actionable planning and analysis provides strategic insight that allows leaders to make operational decisions and manage their organizations.

Our professionals have proven track records in all critical business areas – finance, marketing, pricing, operations, and manufacturing. We have been involved in dozens of corporate strategy and strategic planning matters, including mergers and acquisitions, activity-based cost decisions and organizational change. Our experience as executives, managers and strategists blended with our valuation and economic expertise allows us to provide our clients with invaluable perspectives on the strategic, operational, and organizational issues that they face every day.

With our own resources, those of our strategic partners, or with a client’s existing professionals, we can provide assistance with:

  • Business Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Cost Containment and Profit Enhancement
  • Management and Operational Restructuring
  • Product or Service Development
  • Management Review and Supplementation
  • Technology Review
  • Financial Control and Reporting Review
  • Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

These services allow the presentation of a clear picture of our client’s value proposition, supported by performance, articulated by management, and confirmed by due diligence. The result is a significant enhancement in shareholder value.