Litigation Support

Caliber Advisors is a premier provider of expert testimony and analysis of valuation and other related economic issues that often arise in litigation matters. Caliber Advisors’ industry knowledge and expertise in economics, finance, accounting and transactions make us uniquely qualified to understand and convey the value of equity and debt instruments. Our experience spans a broad range of industries, intangible properties and types of claims.

Why Caliber Advisors?

Formulating and presenting an objective and credible opinion of value requires a specialized skill set. The consultants at Caliber Advisors combine project experience across dozens of industries with broad functional expertise to answer the most difficult questions surrounding complex litigation issues. From the moment we are engaged, Caliber Advisors will spotlight key issues and deliver clarity and focus to the process. Our extensive trial experience produces opinions that are not only sound, but clear and compelling to the court. At Caliber Advisors, we understand that the keys to successful expert testimony are depth, clarity, communication and demeanor.


At Caliber Advisors, our experience attracts the most sophisticated clients. We have been retained by a wide range of agencies, public and private businesses representing diverse industries of national and world wide economies. Our clients and services include:

  • Taxpayers being challenged by the Internal Revenue Service with regard to gift, estate, or transfer pricing issues.
  • Federal agencies (the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Justice) to testify as an expert witness.
  • Prominent law firms to represent their clients in complex litigation matters.
  • Institutional investors who want an independent evaluation of potential securities fraud claims.
  • Board of Directors who wants an independent evaluation of their litigation exposure from securities suits.
  • Minority owners of businesses facing shareholder oppression issues.
  • World-class academic institutions and non-profits to assist in pricing and analyzing technology transfers.
  • Board of Directors of commercial enterprises from a range of industries to evaluate the value of a company’s assets or to protect them from future litigation by providing fairness or solvency opinions.


The Caliber Advisors professional litigation team have opined and testified in numerous state and federal courts and jurisdictions, including the US Tax Court. Caliber Advisors has proven experience in mediations, arbitrations and appellate conferences. Our expertise is broad and diverse and has been applied in many litigation contexts. Most recently, we have been selected to:

  • Negotiate a settlement in the largest tax dispute in US history for the taxable transfer of IP, GlaxoSmithKline v. Commissioner
  • Opine and testify on the fairness of the settlement between ConnectU v. Facebook.
  • Opine and testify on key IP transfer cases in the US Tax Court, including Xylinx v. Commissioner.
  • Opine and testify on the distribution of Microsoft’s IP assets in Microsoft v. Franchise Tax Board (State of California).
  • Opine and testify on the value of a minority equity interest in Thomas M. Kennefick v. Frank Portillo, Toni Portillo and Brown’s Chicken & Pasta, Inc.
  • Opine and testify regarding the adequacy of a solvency opinion in Rubbermaid Incorporated v. Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, LRN Holding, Inc., David P. Ransburg, Barry L. MacLean, and J. Fred Risk.
  • Opine and testify on a value of minority equity interests in Barbara Schaffer, et al. v. United States (Department of Justice).
  • Opined on the value of an equity interest and assisted in settlement negotiations in the divorce proceedings in Schaffnit vs. Schaffnit.
  • Opine and testify as to the economic damages suffered by two large institutional investors in Washington State Investment Board vs. Richard S. Fuld, Jr. e. al and CalPERS vs. Richard S. Fuld, Jr., et al.
  • Opine and testify as to loss causation for several large institutional investors in Abu Dhabi et al. vs. Morgan Stanley & Co. and King County, et al. vs. IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG, et al.


At Caliber Advisors, we assist our clients with a wide range of litigation needs. We have winning experience in:

  • pre-complaint analysis
  • discovery and document review
  • preparation of expert reports and rebuttal reports
  • assistance with settlement negotiations
  • deposition testimony
  • trial testimony


Formulating and presenting an objective and credible opinion requires a specialized skill set. From the moment we are engaged, Caliber Advisors will spotlight key issues and deliver clarity and focus to the process. This focused approach is highly effective for our clients. Please let us know how we can be of service to you.