Private Equity

Caliber Advisors has extensive experience and expertise working with private equity firms. We consult on valuation matters in most every aspect of private equity, across a broad range of industries and in many regions of the world. With professionals in the United States, Canada & China we bring unique business talent and a comprehensive approach to private equity matters.

Practice highlights include providing valuations of and valuation guidance on:

  • Debt Instruments – Term Loans, Convertible Loans, FRNs, Revolvers
  • Derivative Instruments – Warrants, Collared Warrants, Puts and Calls
  • Equity Instruments – Preferred, Convertible Preferred, Common and ESOs
  • Loan Guarantees and
  • Other Contingent Obligations

We have the infrastructure necessary to provide rapid delivery of valuation analyses on large portfolios. Critical to this infrastructure is not only the databases and tools necessary to handle large volumes of information, but the team focus required to execute in this environment.