Caliber Advisors Is Pleased to Announce That Gaurav Verma Has Joined the Firm

Caliber Advisors is pleased to announce that Gaurav Verma has joined the firm as a full-time Associate in the San Diego office. Mr. Verma will be providing valuation opinions and financial advisory services for board, financial reporting and disclosure, litigation and tax reporting purposes.

While completing his MBA, Mr. Verma worked at the firmCAD-5976e on a part-time basis. During this time, he gained considerable experience valuing privately-held companies. Mr. Verma also has significant experience in software design and implementation, business development, financial strategy and statistical data analysis.

Prior to joining Caliber Advisors, Mr. Verma was previously a software engineer at Emirates Group and a business development manager at Al Noor Management Consultancy. He has also held internships at Citibank and Encore Capital, where his responsibilities included internal operational data analysis, statistical modeling and advanced analytics.

Mr. Verma has an MBA with an emphasis in investment finance from the University of San Diego and a bachelor’s degree in electronics and instrumentation engineering from BITS Pilani, India.

Caliber in the Classroom: Jimmy Mar and Dan Rubin Lecture on the Valuation of Customer Groups in the Freemium Business Model

On February 24, 2016, Jimmy Mar and Dan Rubin presented a lecture on the freemium business model and network economies to an upper-division Applied Finance class at the University of California, San Diego. Specifically, Mr. Mar and Mr. Rubin discussed different pricing strategies within a freemium model and how changing customer demographics present challenges to growing a user base in network economies. They also discussed the attrition rates of different customer groups and the implications of attrition rates with regard to the valuation of key intangible assets and goodwill recognized in recent acquisitions. Mr. Mar and Mr. Rubin drew upon their experience helping clients with purchase price allocations for financial reporting purposes under ASC 805 and the impairment testing of long-lived assets under ASC 360.

Akila Narayanan, CFA to Speak at The Knowledge Group’s Valuation of Your Intangible Assets: Practical Tools and Applications Event

Akila Narayanan, CFACAD-5954E will be speaking at The Knowledge Group’s webcast entitled: “Valuation of Your Intangible Assets: Practical Tools and Applications in 2016.” This event is scheduled for March 11, 2016 from 12:00pm – 2:00pm (ET).

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Getting the Statistics Right When Analyzing Price Impact

BjornSteinholtIn a Law 360 article titled “Price Impact Analysis — Where The Halliburton Court Erred,” Bjorn Steinholt of Caliber discusses the framework used in a July 2015 Halliburton District Court decision to determine whether defendants proved the absence of price impact.  Mr. Steinholt notes that the framework is based, partially, on a common fallacy — that the absence of statistical significance proves the absence of price impact.  This is incorrect as such results are more properly characterized as inconclusive.  Mr. Steinholt recommends that court examine the power of the event study, or its ability to detect price impact if there is any, to prevent using inconclusive results as proof.